Hello Zumba Fitness Lovers,

we at Pure Martial Arts Fitness Academy have enjoyed a year and a half of Zumba Fitness Instructing and Training. Zumba Fitness was great for us and many of our members, however, we have decided to step away to re-concentrate on our Kickboxing Program and to redesign our facility accordingly.  With the new sounds and innovations that the founder of Zumba Fitness, Beto and his Pioneers, continuously develop, I am sure we will be back on the Zumba Fitness Dance Floor soon.



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The stakes are high, your health, your look and feel, your stamina, your confidence, your resolution, your respect, so make the decision today and shed those pounds away.  Become a BIGGEST LOSER of fat!





PMAFA has no affiliation with the TV show Biggest Loser.


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